Maximum Security

Our online store’s secure shopping cart uses a 128-bit SSL certificate. Using the same level of encryption as the large banks, the SSL keeps your information secure at all times.

This Shop is PCI Compliant

Wondering what this means? As a certified Level 1 PCI Compliant business, Shopify gives our online store the ability to accept all major credit cards safely and securely, allowing you, our customer the ultimate convenience. All stores powered by Shopify include Level 1 PCI Compliant web hosting and shopping cart software. Rest easy knowing your data is secure.

Secure shopping cart

Shopify provides a reliable, secure shopping cart solution for our eCommerce website. The shopping cart software accepts credit cards and PayPal payments by integrating with over 100 payment gateways.

Credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure.

You as a customer can choose the credit card or payment method you feel most secure using on our site. Your preferred card or payment service gives you additional peace of mind when a transaction goes wrong.
customer someone who pays for goods or services More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)